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RGAU9VLHT3On the domino server set the following notes.ini (DISABLE_SAML_FLAG=1) to allow for an ID vault sync with a SAML user via the SecIdfget...
CRPOAXVAPY Occasional LDAP Server crash. This crash seems to be related to heavy usage and authentication failures. This is not a...
CSAA9H7EKMAddressed an issue with an inbound SMTP mail with a malformed TNEF (winmail.dat) attachment resulting in a delivery failure "Note item not found"....
HKOAAX5GGSOn pull replication, if a document's attachments are updated as the document is being pulled, the source document will be removed via...
FMEG89HCTBFixed an issue where the "show task" command does not show mutiple compact threads.
BBSZ9BXGU3The Rename Person is Calendar Entries And Profiles in Mail File Extended was running on all servers instead of just the the mail server, resulting in...
BBSZ9FVJCSPreviously if a DAOS enabled database was moved via adminp, it appeared that accelerated replication was used and did not complete. The source file...
MSKAB55NK3Fixed an issue where the server is not updating the OS platform.
NVENB5CR22Fixed an issue where an NFL user is getting an IDVault sync error on startup due to a more recent id file in the IDVault.
MVTOB5G3JUFixed a server crash
JCARAR6E5SPrior to this fix, a change to the SMTPDisplayHostName notes.ini resulted in a message displayed on the server console every 5 minutes. The change...
KTAOA7LW4MThe Convert task creates a lot of temporary objects when it is enabling IMAP on a database. These transient objects are not suitable candidates for...
JPAI9HTRNYFixed an issue where compact -REPLICA resets quota and warning threshold.
ROBEAUQEJNPIRC was not allowing replication of design when design replace occurs on one of the replicas
PLYSB5SGFTMIME: Fixed a problem where RFC2231 decoding ignored all charset parameters when there was more than one. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
TPON8MCGTGSometimes compressed database objects are stored with an incorrect compression type. Therefore, if we were trying to decompress LZ1 or Huffman and...
TKAAAWN9SR In some circumstances, simple Agents with action "Send Mail Message", upon receipt of new mail, will resend prior mail messages that have since been...
SKAIAR8C4QFixed an issue that could cause a Domino server crash when processing an incoming internet message that contained an empty From:...
SMOYB4PG4TFixed an issue where renaming notes user with just case changes doesn't work.
SWASB3HLR7Fixed a server deadlock/hang when trying to get parent note during NoteUpdateImpl call.
TDOOB64KUYFixed an issue where the command "show stat platform" does not work on Win 2016
SRKMAS2J84Fixed an issue with Xpages "Partial Refresh" With Webseal.
SRNS8FWPHPA Notes INI setting was added for customers who want smart hosts to only be used when recipients are internet addresses, by setting...
DBLK9JPTMZFixed a problem with installing an iSeries server where changing the default value of SUBTREE on the CHGAUT command could cause problems on...
MKENB5KQNU Fixed a problem where Domino ini DOMINO_FORCE401_WITH_HTML_LOGIN_PAGE does not work if login page comes from /names.nsf?Login url.
JGIR979SR3 Fixed a problem on iSeries servers where NRF files created on IBM i with *LF for the end of line character disappeared after a Domino...
ASAS9TDLJUFixed an issue where database created using NotesDXLImporter was not displaying the database icon.
KSAN8GWFJPFix Notes users getting locked out because of password checking being enabled after the vault password has been and the user changes the password...
RSOIAMEJNRServer - Fixed an issue where HCL Domino was susceptible to a Denial of Service vulnerability (CVE-2020-14234) - See KB0085302


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