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HJLO6QPA5YFixed an issue where names were corrupted for attachments with DBCS filenames.
SWAS96DSGGFixed concurrency issues between NIF & NSF on high usage shared databases. To realize this fix, databases must be ODS52 and Transaction...
JSMNAD4LHHFixed an issue where Calendar invites sent to Gmail are not formatted correctly. The gmail user has no option to accept or decline the meeting...
YNIAAGMBJFFixed an issue where mail is garbled in SCN Web and Verse.
IFBTAHWA3FFix a crash exporting a view as DXL
DWON9PYRHZSupport the OS Name mapping with Notes Federated Login
DVDI9KZ8MLFixed an issue with the server shutdown due to an IMAP search
DWON96CHU8Fixed an issue where the Policies - Managed Settings do not work when a language pack is applied using the replaceoption (all languages except...
ASAO8PS4BGFixed an issue where the Domino Data Service does not work on a multi-lingual server (all languages except Kazakh and Hebrew).
JPAR9NEACXPrevent auto-forwarding messages through mail rules for certain domains only
GHAN9TLRHLAdded a Domino Server Console Command Line to list unencrypted databases only, using 'show dir -unenconly'
SKAIALJE9NFixed an IBM Domino server IMAP EXAMINE command stack buffer overflow (CVE-2017-1274)
SAZR8MKH9QAdd the ability to control SMTP the visible host name (EHLO param, greeting response, Received headers and Reporting-MTA in DSNs...) by these 2...
TMIZ6T6EB6Fixed an issue where the Inbound SMTP Internet Site document is not working with a Language Pack (All langugages except Kazakh and...
TOCL9CKHN2Enhance error message to have a better DB identification to be included in DbUpdateAllUnreadTables error message "Error on Update All unread tables -...
RSTNA4SL7CEnhancement Request To Be Able To Increase The Amgr Queue Beyond 100
RSTNA6HKZYFixed an issue where using '-ftindays' with dbmt is not causing the Full Text Index to be rebuilt
RPAI9Y8G4NCorrected an excessive logging of mismatched roll over certifier certificates during authentication
DKENA6RUGBPerformance improvement in SMIME processing
BYAGALM8J8Updating the default Java from 1.6 to 1.8 on IBM i
TPON949L2MFixed an issue where encoded phrases may have embedded delimiters after decoding -- e.g., the comma (',') in Ziffle, Fred...
SWASAKELQ8Fix a performance issue where when NIF/NSF is enabled on a database, the read time (returning more than a single entry) of views is up to 2 times the...
PPUEAMNDJ4Fix a Denial of Service Vulnerability in IBM Domino (CVE-2017-7957)
JCDSAAGS5PFixed a memory overwrite in LotusScript strings during a server crash
BYAGA8256LFixed an issue on IBM i where the updall task is not shown when running the command "show task"
MBBEADRW5LFixed a crash with the Notesrichtextrange.Findandreplace method
MSAIAC3558Fix an issue where SAML authentication for SmartCloud does not work after enablement of IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes.
MBOAADMB6XFix a delivery failure report when replying to all to an external meeting invitation.
PLOI7WZP8MFixed an issue where a delivery failure shows the physical server name


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